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A podcast about data and technology and how it is being used in ways which benefit society and support the sustainability of our future.

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January 28, 2022 00:22:07
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Robots and Farming in the UK

In this episode I speak with Florian Richter, co-founder of the company Muddy Machines. We discuss the benefits of a machine learning system, the insights robots can provide, how it changes the labour market in farming and the benefits it can provide.   For more about Muddy Machines:  ...



August 02, 2021 00:32:22
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Humanitarian Mobile Phone Apps

In this episode I speak with Richard Strachan from 3 SIDED CUBE about how mobile phone applications can be used in the humanitarian sector. Richard is the Managing Director of 3 SIDED CUBE and is passionate about building technology for good and finding digital solutions that save and change lives. We discuss the apps that 3 SIDED CUBE has developed for organisations such as the World Resources Institute and the Red Cross. For more about these apps and the work of 3 SIDED CUBE:   ...



April 14, 2021 00:19:36
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AI, Data and Climate Change

In this episode I speak with Peter Clutton-Brock from the Centre for AI and Climate about how artificial intelligence and data science can be used to tackle climate change. We discuss digital twins, market regulation and data innovation.  For more about the Centre for AI and Climate: ...



January 13, 2021 00:20:23
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A Data Rights movement in Africa: #RestoreDataRights

In this episode I speak with Al Kags from the Open Institute and Tom Orrell from DataReady about their involvement in a grassroots movement in Africa. The #RestoreDataRights movement aims to protect individual's data rights in the face of the mass collection of personal data in the COVID-19 pandemic. For more about the movement:  Also see: and  ...